Our experience

Terminology of the common law

  • Publication of the Vocabulary of the Common Law series (six volumes) and the Lexique anglais-français de la common law (two editions, plus an appendix and a supplement).
  • Production of JURITERM, a bilingual terminological data bank of the common law (17,700 records). [2 versions: unabridged and abridged]


  • Publication of the Juridictionnaire : Recueil des difficultés et des ressources du français juridique.
  • Language assistance on native law development and legal drafting generally.

Case Law

  • Translation into French or English for the New Brunswick Department of Justice of New Brunswick judgments published in the New Brunswick Reports (over 22,800,000 words) and leading cases translated for the Centre international de la common law en français.

Constitutional documents

  • Translation of the constitutions of Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Statutes and regulations

  • Translation of public acts and regulations, especially for Manitoba and Saskatchewan, including all of the revised statutes of the Northwest Territories and the Yukon.
  • Translation of private acts and association by-laws, such as the University of New Brunswick Act, the Université de Moncton Act, the Architects Act, the Law Society Act (1997).
  • French version of the New Brunswick Rules of Court.

Municipal by-laws

  • Translation of the by-laws of several New Brunswick municipalities.


  • Production of New Brunswick Court Forms published by Carswell (two volumes and several updates).
  • Translation of forms and prospectuses for various banks, credit unions, insurance companies and law societies.

Course materials

  • Translation of most of the New Brunswick Bar Admission Course materials.
  • Translation of the original manual used for the training of New Brunswick’s real estate agents.
  • Translation of The Law and Business Administration in Canada, 4th Edition, by J.E. Smyth and D.A. Soberman, published in French by Éditions Yvon Blais Inc.

Computer programs

  • French adaptation of the PPRS (Personal Property Registry System) and PLANET (Provincial Land Information Network) electronic interface for Service New Brunswick.

Reference materials

Language skills improvement

  • Preparation and teaching of courses on French usage for lawyers and judges.

Documentary Watch